Tuesday, October 14, 2014

DIY Chocolate Bar Escort Cards

I've been so excited to receive the professional photography back from my recent wedding in August. Many of the decorations I created myself and today I'll be sharing one of my DIY wedding projects. Pictured above are the hershey bar escort cards (or place cards) I made for assigning guests to each tables. I wanted something different from the typical, boring paper cards that get thrown in the trash. Hershey bar escort cards turned out to be a huge hit at the wedding and thus, worked perfectly. I was able to color coordinate the wrapping to match the theme of my wedding. 

Hershey bars
Double sided tape
Scotch tape
Wrapping paper
Printer paper
Printer Friendly Label Stickers

Helpful Hints
  1. You can find custom hershey bar templates easily with a google search or create your own. One source is available here.
  2. The labels used above are Avery Gold Foil Inkjet Return Address Labels which can be purchased here.

Until next time. <3

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