Monday, October 6, 2014

DIY Craft Organizers

Welcome to Beloved Style! This is the very first blog post so it only seems natural to start off by getting all my craft supplies in order. If you have a similar neat freak persona such as I, you can appreciate how necessary it feels to get everything organized before you start working. This particular project was very easy and cheap. It is perfect for crafters who live in small apartments or don't have much space in general for craft storage.

Underbed Rolling Storage
Snack size ziplock bags
Large ziplock bags

Simply sort all items that are similar and pack them neatly into the bags. If you love labels, the sharpie works great on the ziplock bags to label each section. 

Easy, right? I thought so. This worked particularly great since I already owned all of these items in my apartment. Also, the underbed storage neatly tucks away from sight when not in use. You can also substitute the underbed storage with shoe boxes.

Until next time. <3

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