Friday, November 28, 2014

DIY Chair Reupholster: No Sew

I am very excited to share with all of you the DIY I am most proud of thus far. The chair pictured is the IKEA Henriksdal dining chair. It looks great at our bar style dining table but the white chair cover that came along with it was getting dingy and dated no matter how many times I washed it. I was ready to do a complete makeover that added some style to our apartment. This project cost a total of $10 dollars per chair for the fabric!

1 yrd of fabric per chair in your choice of pattern
Fabric glue
Staple gun

1. Remove the slipcover from the chair and lay it flat on top of the fabric. 

2. Measure the width and length of the top and bottom of the slipcover and cut the fabric accordingly. (Remember you need to double the length and width of the top of the chair to account for the front and back)

3. Using the slipcover as a guide, cut out a square piece for the bottom of the chair (the part where you "sit" on the chair). 

4. Lay it on the chair evenly and use the tip of your scissors to tuck in the fabric on the edge where the top and bottom of the chair meet.
5. Flip the chair on its side and tuck the fabric on the front edge and staple it underneath. Repeat this step on the other side.

6. Continue to staple the rest of the fabric on both sides, holding the fabric firm. Reinforce staples with a hammer.

7. Now moving on to the top of the chair, cut two pieces of fabric that measure half of the length of the remaining fabric.

8. Use fabric glue to glue the strips on either side but leaving one side unattached.

9. Lay the fabric evenly on the top of the chair and continue to glue the strip of fabric all the way around.

10. Cut another strip by measuring the complete back of the chair and sides. 

11. Staple the fabric on both ends and then continue to glue the fabric all the way around.

12. Let everything dry for 24 hours total before you sit on it and enjoy the final product!

I hope you all enjoyed my post as much as I loved making this DIY! Now I just have to get to work on the second chair so they match. 

Until next time. <3


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    1. Thanks Jennie and thanks for stopping by!

  2. I'm thinking about reupholstering my henriksdal. I'm confused about steps 7 onward with cutting strips then glueing plus stapling. Can you elaborate?