Monday, November 3, 2014

DIY Earring Stud Organizer

I've always had an abundance of stud earrings but I find that I always lose them or can't find a productive way to keep them organized.  So for those of you who love stud earrings and need a clever, stylish, and affordable way to keep tabs on them, this post is for you. Using some simple supplies, I was able to create this organizer.

  • Picture frame (this is where you really get to be creative and pick a frame style that matches the decor in the room you plan to hang your organizer in. I bought mine from A.C. Moore Craft Store while the frame was on sale for 50% off)
  • Cork board roll or square (if you choose squares, make sure the frame isn't too much larger than the square size. My frame was for a 8x11 photo)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Fabric (optional) 
  • Command frame mount strips (great for apartment dwellers)
  • Box cutter (or large scissors)
  • Ruler
  1. Remove all contents from the back of the frame including the glass.
  2. Measure the width and length of the frame opening. 
  3. Carve out a piece of cork board that is the same size as the frame opening. 
  4. Line the inner edges of the frame with glue from the hot glue gun and quickly place the cork board piece into the frame. 
  5. If your frame comes with a thin cardboard backing, glue this to the back of the cork board for extra stability.
  6. Hang your jewelry organizer with your command strips!
If you want an extra touch of style to your organizer, before attaching your cork board to your frame (before step 4), attach a piece of fabric in a design of your choice. Both results are shown below.

Bonus: I used the leftover glass from the frame to place my perfume bottles elegantly on the shelf in my walk-in closet!

Until next time. <3


  1. Another great idea! I have baskets on the wall to display/store my dangly earrings and had to leave the studs in a bowl. Now they can also be displayed. Thanks!

    1. Thank you!! Yeah this organizer is so useful and keeps the earrings organized. I used to use bowls too but then you always spend time trying to find a matching pair, haha.