Tuesday, November 11, 2014

DIY Decorative Bathroom Counter Organizers

This week I decided that I no longer liked the old cardboard organizer I was using on my bathroom counter to hold all my day-to-day accessories. Not to mention that cardboard with printed color will stain your countertops if it gets soaked. Since this is currently the only bathroom we have, I wanted a more decorative alternative for when guests frequent our apartment that was also budget friendly. One trip to AC Moore and voila! I personally love gold but this can be done with any color to match the bathroom decor. 

  • Spray Paint (Rust-oleum metallic in Gold is a personal favorite of mine especially for glass)

  • Different sized glass vases or glass candle holders (The containers pictured above were a steal from AC Moore. The small candle holders were 50 cents each and the medium sized vase was $1) 
  • Blue painters tape or scotch tape

  • Hole Reinforcements (Generally used to secure paper in binders from tearing and very cheap!)
  • Q-tips
  • Nail Polish Remover

      Polka Dots
  • Line one of the glass containers with hole reinforcements going all the way around until you reach the bottom (or cut it off and achieve a "dipped" effect at the bottom)
  • Spray the glass upside down with the spray paint
  • Let dry for at least one hour
  • Peel the stickers off the glass
  • Using a Q-tip and nail polish remover, remove the extra "triangles" that were formed in between the polka dots

     Horizontal Stripe
  • Line one of the glass containers with blue painter's tape starting from the top edge. 
  • Line another strip of tape along the bottom edge. 
  • Spray the glass with the container sitting upright (unless you want an irregular shaped spot of color on the bottom)
  • Let dry for at least an hour before peeling the tape off carefully

     Vertical Stripe
  • Starting from the top edge, line pieces of tape going from top to bottom around the glass (keep in mind to try to make even gaps!)
  • Add small pieces of tape to the bottom of the glass container
  • Spray the glass upside down
  • Let dry for at least an hour before peeling the tape off carefully

Until next time. <3

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