Friday, December 5, 2014

Top 6 Money Saving Shopping Apps

With Christmas quickly approaching, I began thinking about what apps work best for those of us who love to shop --- and save! Not everyone knows how useful your smartphone can be for saving while you shop or just organizing all your lovely coupon finds (including myself) so I started doing a little research.

It's always good to have apps for your favorite stores since you'll be the first to know about coupons and sales. My favorite is the A.C. Moore app. You literally can save coupons to your phone and use them at checkout. However, these apps below are general shop and save apps that you may not know about that are essential for all the stores you love!

1. RetailMeNot - This is my favorite discount shopping app. I won't make an online purchase without checking it for discounts and coupon codes first. I have yet to find one store that I typically shop at that is not listed on here.

2. Amazon Price Check - This app is pretty impressive. It allows you to compare the price for an item you want to purchase in order for you to find the best price. There is even a scan it feature for when you're browsing in store. If you are a frequent amazon shopper, this is definitely the app for you.

3. Google Shopper - This app definitely rivals the Amazon price check app. The features are similar but you are not limited to just Amazon sellers to compare prices. There are also other features such as sharing with friends and finding stores nearby that have the product based on your current location.

4. Shopkick - I can't believe I haven't discovered this app sooner! It's a lot of fun and you get rewards for using it. It basically has a pinterest style feed that shows you items from your favorite stores, stores near you or what other people have scanned. You get points for just walking into stores and scanning in items you like. It's a really popular app so its a definite must try.

5. SaleSorter - This app was listed on Forbes as one of the best shopping apps for the holiday season. It uses your current location and gives you a list of sales and discounts at different stores in your vicinity. Its mostly user based. It relies on users adding in sales and discounts they find as they shop.

7. Coupon Sherpa - This is a great app where you can save and store coupons for stores while on the go! All the major store brands are here and its much easier than trying to remember to bring every paper coupon you get in the mail. There are grocery store coupons on here as well!

Well I hope this list was helpful --- it surely helped me! Now excuse me while I go back to surfing the web for more deals.

Until next time. <3


  1. Great finds! I definitely didn't know about all of these apps, and I'm busy downloading as I type this. Happy Holiday Shopping!

    1. Thanks Amye Mae! I'm glad it helped. I really love Shopkick. Thanks for stopping by!

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