Monday, December 29, 2014

DIY Cat Lounge

Happy Holidays! I've been on a small hiatus from the blog due to the holiday but I couldn't wait to share my latest creation. I already owned all the materials needed which was a huge plus. I was literally inspired by my cat, Indigo. I spent a good percentage of my holiday shopping online which meant we had a surplus of cardboard boxes in the apartment. For some reason cats love jumping inside boxes. He also jumps inside all my ottomans if there is room......or not. I didn't need a bed for him since he likes to cozy up next to me and my husband when he sleeps at night but a stylish lounge seemed like the perfect fit. 

Cardboard Box
Box Cutter
Contact Paper or Shelf Liner
Fabric Glue
Masking Tape
Marker or Pencil

1. Using a box cutter, remove all the open flaps from the cardboard box.

2. Use masking tape to reinforce the seams of the cardboard box. This keeps the box from collapsing.

3. Line the inside of the cardboard box with contact paper or shelf liner.

4. Draw a line approximately halfway across one side of the cardboard box.

5. Use the box cutter to cut out an opening. 

6. Measure and cut fabric to the size of the outside of the box and attach using fabric glue.

Don't forget to attach the fabric at the edges by folding the fabric inward to get it a "sewn in" look. If you need a tutorial, you can find it here

Indigo seemed to really enjoy his new lounge! This design can also be used as a bed by adding a pillow or blanket for your cat to sleep on. 

Until next time. <3


  1. Omg this is fab and I know my cats would love it . Can't beat a good old card box for them ?
    They have a fancy bed but why should they lie on that when they can lie on a piece of paper on the sitting room floor? Great post. xox

    1. Haha exactly! I've purchased nice cat beds in the past that were never used but of course he loves the cardboard box. Thanks so much!