Tuesday, January 13, 2015

DIY No Sew Pillow Cover

Hi there! Lately I've been focused on trying to get my bed to be more comfy and stylish of course. I bought this super comfy white down comforter from Target during their recent white sale. Since my sheets are also white, I figured some decorative throw pillows in different patterns would look great against all the white. I already had some old throw pillows that I grew bored with a long time ago. Since throw pillows can become quite costly, this seemed like the perfect opportunity for a diy! 

Fabric Glue
Old Throw Pillow

1.  Measure the width and length of your old throw (or check the label if its still attached).

2. Cut out two pieces of fabric based on the dimensions you measured above but add about an extra inch for both length and width.
3. Lay one of the pieces down with the pattern facing up and line three of the edges with fabric glue.

 4. Lay the other piece on top with the pattern facing down and apply pressure to the glued edges. Wait for the edges to dry. 

5. Cut a small angle in the two corners that have glue on both edges.

6. Once dry, turn the fabric inside out and insert the old throw. Seal the opening by turning the edges of the fabric inward and glue together.

Enjoy your new pillow!

Until next time. <3


  1. Such great choices of fabric! I have a faux fur fabric lying around my flat waiting to be used and you just gave me a brilliant idea, thanks!


    1. Thanks Allie! Using faux fur sounds extra cute and chic!

  2. i'm no good at sewing so this is a great idea!

    1. Thanks jackie! This is definitely a lot easier than sewing.

  3. You are so talented! I wish I could have you at my home to help me do some much needed and overdo makeovers! Great work, niece!

  4. That is a very good idea! And I can't sew, so this is perfect for me, pinning!

    1. Thanks so much!! I really appreciate it :)